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Alan is too shy to be in the concert for tonight, so the animals try to help him be brave.


Main Zoo

Lucy is very shy about reciting a poem for the school's assembly tomorrow.


One day in the jungle, Zed and Herbert are practicing for band concert. While playing, the music didn't sound right. Alan was playing music far away from the jungle. While arriving, Alan tripped over a pebble. He is to shy to practice with the other two.

Alan kept thinking about the catchy tune. The tune made Audrey and Toby listen to it. He is suggested by Audrey to play his tune confidently in order to meet the other two. Before he could speak, an ant started distracting him. Alan even became more shy.

Alan kept thinking about the tune again in the savannah. While playing the tune, Nelson couldn't stop dancing to the beat. He is suggested by Nelson to hum the tune. He tells Alan to ask Georgina for being very good at humming.

Later on, Herbert is very tired about the performance being not too good without Alan. Alan is given a last chance to meet them. He is suggested to go to the hill with three bushes. Alan walked up to the path where he met Georgina. Zed and Herbert could hear Georgina humming the tune Alan made.

That night, Alan is very sad. He sulked into the tree in deep sadness. Herbert and Zed could hear Alan making music inside the tree after a short argument. The two suggest about having a big concert at the volcano. During a concert, the three had a great performance. Nelson removed the tree after recognising the feet, which reveals to be Alan. The animals began cheering for Alan to play his catchy tune in the concert. Alan wasn't shy anymore during the concert.

Moral Ending

Lucy understand why it is okay to overcome your fears while in a concert or assembly. The animals began helping Lucy practise reciting a poem for the assembly.



  • An application based on this episode is released on the App Store. It is available in four languages: English, French, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.