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When Nelson creates a scooter for Alan, the animals decide to deliver it to him. However, the scooter gets broken many times and is repaired on the progress.


Main Zoo

Lucy is carrying her doll named Lola. She explains to the animals that her father was supposed to be making a dollhouse, but made something else instead. Lucy was given a toy castle instead of a dollhouse.


It was a lovely morning in Africa. Nelson is busy doing arts and crafts. He made two maracas for the monkeys to enjoy. The monkeys began asking the other animals that Nelson is a good artist. The animals began walking towards Nelson doing arts and crafts. The other animals began suggesting for a kite, a trampoline, and a hat. Nelson began telling them that he needs more time to create these.

Alan has walked to Nelson. He began suggesting Alan for a scooter. He explains to Nelson what a scooter looks like. Nelson drew two wheels that are based on a scooter's wheels, but the wheels were not the correct size. Alan has walked far from the workshop. Nelson is very happy with Herbert, Zed, and Georgina. The animals are satisfied with the suggestions to Nelson. Nelson had only one more thing to make: a scooter for Alan. Alan started eating ants far away from the workshop. Nelson finally made a scooter for Alan. He gets distracted by Herbert with a broken kite. Herbert decides to take the scooter while Nelson decides to repair his kite.

Herbert gets taunted by Kevin, Toby, and Doris. He began riding on the scooter. However, the scooter lost a wheel. The trio began suggesting for two wheels as a replacement of the coconuts (used as wheels). They decided to make wheels with mud. The muddy wheels are made. Herbert still must get his kite from Nelson. Doris began suggesting to deliver the scooter while going to Nelson. The mud has finally dried up. The trio began sliding down a hill, but the scooter is broken again.

We see Zed enjoying his trampoline. Zed began making a suggestion to repair the broken scooter. He began bringing the scooter across the water. Zed is helped by the monkeys. However, the wheels began turning into mud. This is because the scooter was in the water earlier. The monkeys have rebuilt the scooter and combined it with leaves. This creation is a combination between a scooter and a helicopter.

The monkeys have finally returned to Alan. He began riding on the flying scooter across Africa. The animals began returning to Nelson with the new creation. Alan and the animals are very satisfied with all the creations done by him.

Moral Ending

Lucy is confused with Nelson for changing her doll. Lola can be a princess and live in the castle, as Nelson has solved the problem.

First Appearances

  • Lola (no lines)