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Audrey lets all the animals watch over the egg while trying to re-build the nest.


Main Zoo

Lucy is unaware by bumping into Nelson, due to a blindfold. Nelson tells her a story about Audrey's egg.


It is very windy in Africa!

A strong wind has occurred all across the savannah, thus blowing away Audrey's nest. Then the wind has stopped blowing and died down! Audrey offers all the animals to watch over her egg while trying to rebuild her nest. Chaos occurs once all the animals are very irresponsible of watching over the egg, thus causing a snake to be near the egg and the watermelons. The animals are angry! The animals are trying to return to the egg, but the egg isn't there. They think the snake has gobbled up Audrey's egg. However, it was revealed that the snake has gobbled up a watermelon.

It is revealed that the egg contained a baby ostrich in it, which escaped from the snake. Audrey has her nest rebuilt and has more eggs for the animals to take care of.

Moral Ending

Lucy is very happy that she chose Nelson to be a narrator. She learned that eggs always hatch when taken care of. That is based on science, because many eggs always hatch when warm.