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Boris has amnesia and doesn't know where he left his comb. The other animals try to help him remember where he put it without causing havoc.


Main Zoo

Lucy has bad memory after arriving in the zoo. Neither the animals, except Boris, had bad memory.


Most of the animals spent their time before winter arrives. Boris, however, cannot find his honeycomb before winter. The animals decide to help Boris to think where he left his comb. Boris chose to walk backwards in order to find it.

Boris remembers he was washing his paws on the river. He finds a nice piece of timber floating on the river. Boris ends up crashing into a beaver dam, which took hard work to build.

Meanwhile, the animals are following Boris who is walking backwards on the yellow grass. While pausing, the animals think all three heard a stomach growling. However, the animals see a herd of bison that is doing a stampede from a distance.

Boris took the wrong path which led to Randolph's farm of mushrooms. As the other three arrived, the herd of buffalo destroyed all the mushrooms.

Boris soon remembers about taking a nap by lying down on some mossy rocks. Boris takes a nap, but the other animals wake him up. At the top of the mountains, Boris is playing with snow. Boris is told to stop playing with snow; as soon as the snowball is thrown at the top of the mountain, which rolls down the mountain. Boris has to block it with a barricade to avoid getting crushed.

Back then, Boris finds the honeycomb under a fallen log. The other 3 decide to have some honey.

Moral Ending

We learn that we should always think and remember where we put our belongings without panicking. The monkeys have a good memory in tying their tails in a shape of a knot. Molly also remembered about Lucy going to bed.

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  • In the plains scene, one can hear an eagle's screech before seeing Boris.