Ep 39 1

Casper has the ability to camouflage, but doesn't follow his grandfather's advice. What he did is use camouflaging of mischief, which led him into danger despite his warning.


Main Zoo

Lucy hands out a drawing which has the pictures of her neighbours. After mentioning, we hear a voice coming out from a branch. The voice reveals to be Casper who does camouflage.


Casper lives in the jungle by catching dragonflies. His granddad teaches him how to use camouflage by changing colours. However, Casper gets warned for misusing the camouflaging skills.

As Herbert is trying to eat a watermelon, we see Casper who has camouflaged into a watermelon. He soon got tired and is very angry with the naughty mischief maker.

At the savannah, Audrey is nesting with her eggs. She decides to go to the water hole for a drink. The fake egg that was rolling down the hill reveals to be Casper. Audrey got very angry with him.

Back at the jungle, Doris is playing jump rope and Toby is watching him. He thinks he sees another turtle that is sitting on a log. The impostor reveals to be Casper who is trying to be a turtle. The tree trunk begins to move after making another mischief.

Back at the jungle, Audrey and Herbert are having a conversation with Granddad about Casper being a naughty son. Doris arrived in the jungle. She reveals Toby and Casper are in danger and the two are about to fall off a waterfall. There, the two see Seamus flying in the sky. Casper had to flash red, as the stork could not hear anyone asking for help.

Seamus had to fly towards Toby and Casper in danger. Casper was almost punished for ignoring warnings from Granddad. Casper realizes his mistake about causing mischief across the environment. He ends up changing colours for fun.

Moral Ending

Lucy asked Casper to change colour for her. He agrees to change some colours. She also gives him a drawing for him to see. Casper can't see anything on the drawing, because Lucy thought it was him in the snow.

First Appearances

  • Casper the Chameleon
  • Granddad Chameleon



64 Zoo Lane - Casper the Chameleon S02E13 HD

64 Zoo Lane - Casper the Chameleon S02E13 HD


  • This is the first time Seamus rescued an animal.
  • This episode is somewhat very similar to the Wild Kratts episode "Chameleon on Target". Both episodes show the story protagonists that are in danger.
  • This episodes animation style slightly differs from the rest of the episodes before the Adobe Flash reboot.
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