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Bao Bao and Horace are very confused about strange things that have happened in the valley. They get help from Confuse-us who is very wise to solve the problem.


Main Zoo

The animals had a strange day. Molly has been flipped over, Nelson had his nose in the shape of a knot, and Boris is up in the tree. Lucy has been wondering what was the cause. Bao Bao appears near the animals. He tells the story about a wise old carp.


Bao Bao wakes up early every morning. Horace appears next to him. Something was wrong that morning. There are clouds in the bamboo forest. Bao Bao is confused with the clouds that are not in the sky. He tries to touch one of the clouds, but one of them disappeared. Bao Bao is taken for a morning walk across the valley. He is confused why the bees are very angry. Maybe, it could be the flowers that are refusing to open.

Bao Bao and Horace walked towards the lake to see Confuse-us. Horace began asking him that the two need wisdom about the strange changes. Bao Bao is very puzzled about the thoughts. It is revealed that the adventurers must reach the top of the mountains to resolve the problem.

The animals began walking on the stepping stones (in a shape of a moon), through a waterfall and through the windy hills. They see Cassandra dancing in the hills. Cassandra gets distracted by the animals. She gets her beak on the ground. Bao Bao was able to help Cassandra after distracting her. The animals later see Gertie sliding down one of the mountains. Bao Bao began hugging her. However, the animals must hurry to restore the life before sunset or the life will be confusing forever.

The animals finally made it to the top of the mountains. They stopped near a pink tree with strange leaves. Bao Bao and Horace began playing ping pong in the mountains. It is revealed that the animals must play a game to restore the life. The ping pong balls start rolling down from the mountains. Everything gets restored when the balls started hitting all the mixed up things. Gertie began climbing down the mountains, Cassandra had a better knee, the flowers have opened, and the clouds went back to the sky. Everything was back to normal after the animals played ping pong.

Moral Ending

Lucy liked the story. She began flipping Molly who was upside-down. She began untangling Nelson's nose in a shape of a knot. She began asking Georgina for help. Boris began sliding down her long neck and the monkeys are back in their tree.