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Doris is very protective about her flower which will bloom into bigger ones. However, she realises that the flower is for everyone to see.


Main Zoo

Lucy begins asking Boris to stay on his rock. Boris began asking that this rock belongs to him. Lucy is very rude to Boris by taking his rock. Lucy began asking the monkeys about staying on their tree. It is stated that the tree belongs to the monkeys. Georgina gets upset with the animals who acted very hostile to Lucy.


One morning, Toby, Kevin, and Doris are walking in the desert. Doris told Kevin and Toby to build a sand castle here. While trying to build a sand castle, Kevin and Toby are distracted by a flower. They began asking Doris about a very beautiful flower. Doris gets very impressed that the flower will be beautiful when big. She tells Toby that the flower must be protected in order to be bigger.

The trio built a wall near the flower. Doris began asking Kevin and Toby to find large leaves; the leaves are used as fences to protect the flower from the heat. The flower is soon covered by the leaves. William gets surprised with the leaves protecting the flower. He began asking the other animals to know what the strange building was for. Doris began asking everyone that inside the fence is a flower that will open sooner.

The animals started protesting that all of them want to see the flower. Doris began asking them that the flower must be viewed one by one. Herbert gave Doris a watermelon in order to see the flower. Doris doesn't need the watermelon. She began asking the animals to have an entry with shells to see the flower. The animals began to leave the desert.

Doris began asking everyone to see the biggest flower in Africa. She soon realises that everyone (except William) has left the desert. Doris gets warned that the flower doesn't only belong to her. Georgina arrived near the leaves. She gave three shells to Doris, along with the monkeys. However, the monkeys and Georgina argued that one of them was here first.

Meanwhile, Herbert and Nathalie are arguing over a sandy shell. Nelson came up with Herbert and Nathalie that everyone gets their own turn. Soon, many animals are arguing about the shells and the entry. Toby and Kevin have had enough of the nonsense. They walked away and decided to build a sand castle.

Doris began lining up everyone. Georgina took a look at the flower which didn't grow big yet. She said that Doris will give a second entry for free when the flower has bloomed. Before the other animals could enter, the flower started to wither, because the shade was too dark. The animals began demanding a refund as the flower has withered. The animals began walking away, because Doris began tricking them and the admission is actually a ripoff.

As the animals walk away, the leaves began falling. Doris gets surprised by the wilted flower. She ends up in tears near the wilted flower. It is revealed that the tears started watering the flower, in which every flower and plant needs water to bloom. William began alerting Toby and Kevin about the big flower from a distance. The animals have returned to the desert and looked at the flowers for free until day turned to dusk.

Moral Ending

We learn that we must share everything with our objects we see. We also learn that objects that we see aren't actually ours. The monkeys and Boris began Lucy to stay there. Lucy is too tired to play with them.