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Doris has a big collection of precious objects, but the other animals are upset with Doris in a greedy behaviour. Later, Doris must return the objects that the animals really need.


Main Zoo

Lucy has her book of stickers. It took ages for Lucy to collect all of the stickers. Some of them began falling off her book while trying to show them to the animals. Lucy hasn't decided what to do with the duplicate stickers.


One morning, Doris, Toby, and Kevin are playing with mud. Doris found a pebble in the gap. She gets very grouchy, because this thing belongs to her. While Toby and Kevin are busy building sculptures, Doris began holding her rope to collect precious things, tying them to the vine.

Toby and Kevin are busy building sculptures of themselves. Doris gets fed up with them being busy. Doris has found a tulip after leaving Kevin and Doris. She also found a pink feather on her journey. She meets Audrey looking for a feather to keep her eggs warm. Doris refuses to give the feather to Audrey, which makes her become very selfish and greedy.

Doris is still on her journey finding precious things. Meanwhile, Herbert broke one of his sticks while hitting his rocks. Before Herbert could get the replacement, the stick was taken by Doris. Herbert is soon angered by Doris for being a selfish thief. Doris also found a rare berry in which the monkeys are wanting. The monkeys are soon angered by Doris for being very greedy.

Meanwhile, Toby and Kevin are very curious about Doris if she finished her collection. Later, Doris has too many things on her vine. She decides to put the collection on the tree for everyone to see. Audrey is having a very hard time finding a feather, so she found a leaf instead. On the savannah, we see Doris calling all the animals to see all the precious things. The animals refuse to see the precious things, because Doris was very greedy.

Toby and Kevin asked the monkeys to find Doris. They started pointing to Doris at the savanna. Doris has realised some of the things are completely useless. The trio worked together to bring back all the things which belong to their owners. Nathalie began taking the tulip which was going to belong to Doris. Doris only has one pebble left. Toby and Kevin have pebbles to make Doris very happy. Doris has created a necklace by using pebbles. Suddenly, the animals are very impressed with her necklace, which is a precious thing.

Moral Ending

We learn that it is never okay to take things that are not yours. The animals are very happy with Lucy. She gave away the duplicate stickers to them.





  • An application based on the episode is released on the App Store by Millimages. It includes four languages: English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese (Brazil).