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Zed refuses to let Gary be his best animal friend, because of being with him. Zed is punished for yelling at Gary.


Main Zoo

I believe Giggles!
...and I believe Tickles!
Giggles! Tickles!
~ The animals, very angry about what monkey stole the last banana.

The animals are very grumpy with the monkeys. It all started when the monkeys are arguing whether one of them has the last banana. The animals are still with the animal friends with Lucy, but not with the monkeys.


Even though Zed was a popular zebra, the animals were very happy with his tap-dancing. Soon, Gary has come from the desert and is liking to do tap-dancing. Gary is also trying to run like Zed, but is very keen with him. He also sees Zed chewing grass and playing music with Herbert. He convinces the monkeys to disguise himself as a zebra in order to be friends with Zed. After gargling the water, the animals (except Zed) laughed at Gary.

Gary, stop saying "Brilliant"! (Gary: Fine...) ...and stop copying me; you're not a zebra! (Gary: Fine...) ...and you're not my animal friend! (Gary: Fine..) You're just a nuisance; go away! (Gary: Okay, Zed. If that's want you want...)
~ Zed, yelling at Gary, making him more miserable.

Zed was very upset with Gary for impersonating him, because of the zebra stripes on his undergo. Gary returned to the desert after being bullied, which was the complete obstacle.

That wasn't very nice of you, Zed!
Not nice at all!
~ Georgina and Molly, angry at Zed.

As soon as Gary leaves the jungle, the animals are very angry with Zed. Gary is very miserable after Zed yelled at him. He decides to dance in the sandy oasis.

The next day, the animals are still angry with Zed for yelling at him. Zed returns to the desert to see his animal friend Gary. He despairs for being rude to the dromedary. Even though Gary stated "he and other camels have nothing special", the parrots saw him doing the sand dance yesterday. Gary has taught Zed the sand dance and Zed's friends are very happy with him.

Moral Ending

The animals are very happy with the ending. Lucy has another happy ending: she found the banana for the monkeys! The animals never saw the banana, due to a busy argument. After the conflict was resolved, the animals can go back to sleep. The monkeys are the best monkey friends again by connecting their tails into a shape of a heart.

First Appearances




  • One of the desert parrots seem to change colors in scenes they appeared.
  • This is the first episode where the chorus of the theme song is never heard.
  • Molly has 3 different angry eyebrows in this episode. When Nelson is angry about the 2 monkeys who argued, Molly is seen angry. However, Molly's eyebrows change once Boris believes one of the monkeys stole his/her banana. These eyebrows are almost the same as the ones in Episode 18. But once Gary got bullied by Zed, Molly has different angry eyebrows.