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Gary leaves the desert after his uncle Dennis tells him to go for a walk. Soon, he discovers new things that the dromedaries don't know yet.


Main Zoo

Dennis arrives in the zoo as a special visitor. Lucy has been to hung out with mom and dad. This makes Dennis remind him of the story with his nephew Gary.


Gary, a nephew of Dennis, keeps bugging his uncle about the desert. Gary is forced to take a walk around the desert. However, he walks towards the river instead. Thereupon, he meets Toby, Kevin, and Doris in the lake. He plays tricks with them then rests with the 3. After having a rest in the marsh, Gary is given a backpack to have belongings.

Upon arriving in the boulder area, Gary meets Ronald and the Tic Tic Bird. He is given a pebble as a souvenir. He arrives at the Blue Mountain and meets the Snip Snip Bird and is given a snowball. As tea time is almost starting, Gary arrives back at the desert and meets his uncle. He is nearly late, but he shows him his souvenirs from the animals. He tells his uncle to visit the Blue Mountain some other time.

Moral Ending

Lucy likes the story told by Dennis. She said that Gary walked a very long way from the desert to the mountains.

First Appearances

  • Lucy's Father (mentioned only)