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Gertie tries to let Bao Bao climb the mountains. Despite Cassandra's warning, Bao Bao can't climb very well. She decides to help them climb the mountains as Cassandra was wrong.


Main Zoo

Lucy hears a bleating sound in the zoo. The sound is coming from Gertie, a goat at the top of a tree. She explains to the animals that she can jump high than any other animal. Gertie is also notable of jumping higher than the big mountains and rocks.


One morning, Gertie lives in the mountains of China. She is known for jumping high on the mountains. Bao Bao wished if he could climb the mountains like Gertie. Gertie began asking him about climbing the mountains together. Bao Bao, however, is not a good climber. She teaches him how to climb the mountains properly.

That afternoon, Gertie found Cassandra drinking tea. She convinces Cassandra about taking Bao Bao for a climbing lesson. Cassandra gets angry with Gertie, because a panda can't climb a mountain very well. Gertie gets warned about the climbing lesson, because this lesson is very dangerous. Cassandra convinces her to cancel the expedition.

Bao Bao began packing for the trip by putting bamboos in his sack. Gertie realized if Cassandra were wrong, Bao Bao would be able to climb the mountains. She ignored Cassandra's warning about bringing Bao Bao to the mountains. Gertie began teaching Bao Bao how to climb the mountains.

Gertie and Bao Bao began meeting Cassandra. Cassandra was irritated how unusual Gertie did. Cassandra began asking the adventurers to take her advice by not climbing the higher slopes. Bao Bao had trouble climbing a very slippery slope. Gertie began bushing him to climb this slippery mountain.

Cassandra is very jealous about Gertie and Bao Bao. She bumps into a gong by accident, which made the wise old master appear. Cassandra doesn't need any advice from him. Cassandra tries to leave the pond. She is warned to give advice to Gertie and Bao Bao by using a helping wing. Cassandra was confused by the carp who is talking nonsense.

Meanwhile, Gertie began asking Bao Bao to copy her to jump higher than her. Bao Bao is unable to reach the top of the mountain, because this side is very slippery. Cassandra had been pushing rocks under a mountain, which caused most of them to collapse. Bao Bao had finally learned to climb the mountains. Cassandra finally forgave the animals for being wrong. The animals had a short picnic at the mountains.

Moral Ending

Lucy would like to climb a mountain someday. She ends up climbing Georgina to go back to bed. She finally climbed on her head to go back to bed.





  • When Molly mentions about the red rock, this is a reference to Australia. The red rock is the name of Wally's home.
  • Horace doesn't appear in this episode, despite the story being set in Asia.