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Herbert crashes his own birthday party after getting a makeover at the Blue Mountain. The animals do not recognize him until he finds out what he's missing.


Main Zoo

Today is Lucy's birthday and she is 7-years old. The animals did a celebration for Lucy after mentioning her birthday. Lucy is given a special story, because it's her birthday.


Herbert is very happy with himself, because it's his birthday today. He brought in some flies to join in the party. All the animals began ignoring Herbert when planning for his birthday party, due to three smelly flies. He asked the flies to go away. He plans to get a makeover far away from the African savannah.

The animals are having a birthday party without him. Herbert has a very unusual makeover. He did not know he ended up crashing his own party. The animals don't recognize who Herbert really is. As Herbert is running away, all the animals form an angry mob in order to stop Herbert. Herbert convinces the animals that it is him who is being chased by the mob. The animals still don't recognize who Herbert is.

He began asking Nelson to spray water to remove his disguise. The animals say that Herbert is missing something. He began calling the flies and the animals are very happy with him back. The animals are now playing in the mud, like a warthog does.

Moral Ending

Lucy loves this special story, because it's her birthday today.

First Appearances

  • Herbert's flies (no lines)




  • When Molly is celebrating Herbert's birthday party, her eyelashes disappear.
  • Before Nelson says "You're not Herbert," Alan disappears.


  • This is also in 1999 final.