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Joey is alerted by his mother Janet about being out by his own while camping. However, Joey has been a big boy now.


Main Zoo

Lucy is introduced to a strange creature in the zoo. Lucy made 3 wrong guesses, whether the creature is a mammal or a bird. This creature is actually a platypus from Australia. Lucy told him to tell a story about his species. He decided to tell a story about Joey instead.


Joey is given his supplies, but is warned by his mother for being underage. Joey goes out with his Australian animal friends and is forced to wear a hat due to the sweltering heat. Soon, the 3 are soup made from eucalyptus. Joey is warned about eating strange food. He is given a sandwich by his mother, which is his favorite.

Jimmy and Phoebe began climbing rocks and are taught how to cross the river by swinging on the vines. Joey is then alerted by Janet about the water being "too cold". That night, Jimmy and Phoebe began to pretend to be with the monsters. Joey is soon warned by Janet about sleeping on his own. But Mr. Platypus began convincing him Joey is a big boy, which can do things independently.

The next day, the 3 are supposed to cross the river by stepping stones. Jimmy was eventually stuck on the last stone. Joey has to rescue Jimmy from falling into the river. Joey rescued him and the three are having fun during the night. Joey, Jimmy, and Phoebe danced around the campfire before going to bed. Janet also saw everything in which Joey and her Australian animal friends did on their trip.

Moral Ending

Lucy would like to go camping someday, but now is time for bed. Lucy began asking Mr. Platypus to come back soon. The platypus agrees with her about coming back with her neighbors.




  • Jimmy the Kangaroo is brown and gray when Mr. Platypus says, "...but the water is not so deep"
  • This episode was uploaded by Millimages on the channel Mini TV, but the audio is add and fix and has a mismatched name. This was later corrected into "Joey's Camping Trip".