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Leopoldo decides to climb on a mountain on his own, but no other animal can climb a mountain one like him. He abandons his friends Jazz and Adam to go exploring something far away.


Main Zoo

The monkeys have a toucan as their new friend. The tree is too slippery for Lucy to climb. Boris and one of the monkeys began working together to make new friends. The monkeys began introducing Lucy to Tallulah.


One morning in South America, Jazz, Leopoldo, and Adam met up in a usual spot. Jazz and Adam began rolling like a ball. Leopoldo didn't like to play this game, because it makes him dizzy. Leopoldo, Jazz, and Adam played the game together. Later, it was time for another game. Jazz and Adam began sticking their claws on the cliff. Leopoldo doesn't like to play this game. He still doesn't want to disappoint Jazz and Adam.

Leopoldo began slipping instead. He decides to go to the mountains, which Jazz and Adam don't like. This made Leopoldo disappointed. He asked Tallulah to climb the highest mountain in South America. Leopoldo decides to go on his own instead.

Adam was feeling bored. He changes his mind to go with Leopoldo to visit the big mountain of South America. Leopoldo began seeing butterflies on his journey to the mountain. Behind him was a forest of cacti blocking his way to the mountain. Leopoldo is still stuck in the forest of cacti after trying to jump over the whole forest. Adam began knocking over some cacti to rescue Leopoldo.

Adam can still join Leopoldo after changing his mind. Jazz began looking for Adam and Leopoldo. He tried asking Tallulah, but she didn't respond. Meanwhile, Leopoldo and Adam found the biggest peak of the mountain. Jazz began to come to the rescue. He began asking his friends to put their claws on the cliff. Jazz and Adam made it to the top of the cliff. Leopoldo has problems sticking his claws on the cliff. Jazz caught Leopoldo in order to reach the top of the cliff.

Tallulah had slid down the strangest vine in the forest. She was to tell Jazz, Leopoldo and Adam, but the three did not return. Leopoldo, Jazz, and Adam can see the forest from a distance. Tallulah began bringing the vine to the mountain. Adam, Leopoldo, and Jazz began hanging on the leaves to return to the jungle safely.

Moral Ending

Lucy would like to go on an adventure with all the animals at the zoo. Lucy had enough adventures for one day.