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Lily is very upset when a new egg has arrived in the savannah. She is also jealous of Audrey who is watching over the egg.


Main Zoo

Lucy is very upset about her little brother who copied all of the pictures of Lucy. This is when Lucy likes to draw pictures.


One morning, Audrey brought her daughter Lily for a walk. The two wore the same flowers and pick different leaves for the nest. The next day, an egg was laid by Audrey for Lily to be surprised. The egg will be the new brother for Lily. She gets very jealous about the egg when being told about having fun.

Lily must be very careful in taking care of the egg. After a while, Lily returned with a different flower on her head. She gave out a suggestion for her to walk, but Audrey doesn't have time to walk. She met up with the other animals who are curious for the new arrival of a new baby. While Lily began to dance, the animals ignored her. That night, Lily was very restless pacing behind the nest.

The next morning, Lily is suggested to look after the egg while Audrey is going to get some grass for the nest. She said to the baby about him and her going for a walk. She and the egg hid in the grass to avoid getting spotted by the animals. Audrey is back with grass for the nest. Lily had a very difficult time hiding the egg so no one can see it.

Soon as Audrey arrived, Lily and the egg are not home. She asked Nelson for help in order to search for the egg. Nelson began signaling the animals to search for Lily and the egg who are missing across Africa. The animals must be on the lookout for Lily and her brother.

No one could find Lily anywhere, so Nelson is mad at Ronald while looking for Lily. Ronald was looking for boulders to break, which made him charge towards a pile of boulders. Ronald didn't know that there was an egg in which Lily hid. Soon as Ronald crashed into one of the boulders, a rockslide is caused. Lily is very worried that she must run after the egg before it gets crushed by the boulders.

Lily is very worried that the egg was badly cracked. Soon, the egg hatches into a baby ostrich. He is called "Doogal" by Lily when her new brother hatched. Lily and Doogal became best friends across Africa.

Moral Ending

Lily and Doogal became the best friends after all. Lucy began to untangle monkeys's tails into a shape of a knot. They are very happy with Lucy helping them.

First Appearances

  • Lucy's Little Brother (mentioned only)
  • Lily the Ostrich Chick
  • Doogal the Ostrich Chick