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Melanie, who lives in the forests of North America, tries to help her friends, but she upsets them with her clumsy antics. Her friends insult her for being useless and clumsy, causing her to walk away in despondency and wait into a thicket of snow until she finds her friends again who apologize to her for being harsh to her.


Main Zoo

Lucy explained to the animals that Trudy is no longer her friend, due to being clumsy and ruining her favourite pen. This reminds Boris of the time when he broke up a friendship with his friend Melanie.


Deep in the forests of North America lies a moose walking in the region. Melanie, the moose, meets a beaver named Beverley who is building a dam. Beverley doesn't need any help; however, she accidentally drops a piece of timber on the river.

Upon meeting Randolph, Melanie isn't aware that she stepped on one of his mushrooms. She asks Boris if he needs any help to get the honey, but she accidentally hurts him. Melanie tried to dance with some deer, but she crashed into the beehive in which Boris was getting and the beehive was washed away, causing him to lose the honey; Melanie also ruined Randolph's mushroom garden and destroyed Beverley's dam.

Later on, Melanie was scolded harshly by all three of her friends for her clumsy antics, leaving her insulted and causing her to walk away in despondency. As soon as Melanie stayed for long, it started to snow and Melanie found her friendship back covered under a small thicket of snow. Melanie's friends apologise to her for their harsh treatment.

Moral Ending

This was the last time Boris had broken up a friendship with Melanie. Lucy has to show remorse to Trudy for breaking up her friendship tomorrow.

First Appearances

  • Trudy (mentioned only)
  • Melanie the Moose
  • Beverley the Beaver
  • Randolph the Raccoon



64 Zoo Lane - Melanie the Moose S01E21 HD

64 Zoo Lane - Melanie the Moose S01E21 HD

Nick Jr./PBS Kids Sprout Edits

  • When Lucy (with an American accent by Ciara Janson) is angry about Trudy, the word "stupid" is changed to "silly" to soften.


  • This is the first episode that introduces North America and its residents.