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Nathalie begins to abandon her partner Molly when a dance competition is about to begin. She didn't have any other choice besides dancing with Molly.


Main Zoo

Lucy begins to dance with Boris. The animals are very pleased to see Boris as her dancing partner.


Molly and Nathalie are the best animal dance partners across the savannah. While Nathalie is known for dancing as a ballerina, Molly wasn't good at dancing. Georgina begins to convince that there will be a competition by the river. Nathalie began teaching Molly how to dance like her. Molly did the wrong way and Nathalie began abandoning her. Molly was very sad for abandoning her.

Nathalie has a very hard time finding a different partner. She didn't want Toby, Nelson, Doris or Herbert to be her partner. She tried to let Georgina dance for the competition, but Georgina can't dance with her. Nathalie must return to Molly in order to dance with her.

The next day, the animals are ready for the dance competition. This competition is held by the 3 frogs as the judges. The competition begins with the first dancers: Isabel and Seamus. The second dancers were Giggles and Tickles. Finally, Molly and Nathalie began dancing after waiting. The animals are very happy for all the dances.

After the animals finish dancing, the frogs are announcing for the best dance in Africa. Each dancers were given a coconut for a good reception across the river. Isabel and Seamus were awarded for being the best dancers. Giggles and Tickles were awarded for being silly dancers. Finally, Molly and Nathalie were awarded for the most unusual dance ever.

Moral Ending

Lucy would like to dance all night with Boris. However, she is very tired while trying to dance.

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