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Pauline can't catch a fish like Seamus, so she decides to steal one left by him. Meanwhile, she is scolded for stealing all the animals' foods.


Main Zoo

Lucy borrowed a bracelet which belonged to Emma and the animals realize that it isn't hers.


As the sun shines every day in the lake, lots of fish began jumping out of the water. Pauline is to catch a fish for her breakfast every day. This time, she is unable to catch one. She later sees Seamus flying in the sky looking for fish to capture. He caught lots of fish for breakfast.

A big fish was left behind the lake. Pauline took a look at the fish, but her stomach started rumbling. She steals the fish, which caused Seamus to be surprised. She sees Herbert with a watermelon and burying it in the dirt. Pauline took at the look at the watermelon, thinking the fruit is edible. She ended up stealing it, causing Herbert to be surprised.

She later sneaks up on Reginald who is sleeping with his bone. Then she steals his bone. This made Reginald feel very grumpy. Pauline tried to fly, but she didn't notice there was a lot of food in her mouth. Pauline had to walk towards her home.

That night, all the animals find out that Pauline was a culprit. She was told to keep a look out for thieves trying to steal food the next day. This made Pauline feel very guilty about herself, even though she was hungry this morning. She returned the food which belong to the 3 animals. Pauline didn't eat anything the whole day. She felt very happy about herself and fell fast asleep. The next day, Seamus, Herbert, and Reginald give her a big cake. The animals began sharing it as a surprise.

Moral Ending

Lucy suggested to return the bracelet back to Emma for tomorrow. Emma would be very pleased with Lucy if she returned it tomorrow. The animals are very pleased with Lucy for choosing this suggestion.

First Appearances

  • Emma (mentioned only, name seen on bracelet)



  • When Pauline fell down to the ground, there are 2 fishes in her beak.