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Petula starts tricking Giggles and Tickles by copying their voices after stealing her fruit. The monkeys get help from Nelson to find each other.


Main Zoo

Lucy is thought to have lost his voice. However, Petula tricked her by using her voice. Lucy never lost her voice and it was Petula who was imitating her.


The monkeys can't find some fruits in the jungle, which made them very hungry. Petula has lots of fruit at the top of the tree for the party. The monkeys accidentally ejected all the fruit from the top of the tree, in which belongs to Petula. The 2 end up doing a food fight, which made Petula very enrage.

It is now the moment when Petula played tricks on the monkeys after stealing her fruits. The monkeys are fooled by Petula near a burrow and a tree, while one of them gets cleaned by Kevin. The monkeys are having a hard time finding each other, thinking whether one of them is on the burrow or the tree.

Nelson is very eligible in helping the lost fruit. He tried searching for one of them in the burrow and the tree, but only found snakes, spiders, a gecko, and even Eddie. His aunt Molly found Eddie after Nelson accidentally found him in the tree. Nelson began shaking the tree, which is about to fall on the ground.

The monkeys are finally reunited with each other. Lots of fruits began falling down from the tree. Petula allowed the monkeys to join in the party. She began inviting the other parrots to a party. Everyone had a party when all the fruit fell on the ground.

Moral Ending

Lucy didn't really lose her voice. She thought Georgina was saying to go to bed. It was Petula who is using her voice.

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