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Reginald gets upset with too much noise while trying to get some sleep. He decides to keep his resting place secure so no one can make noise. Everything is different when Reginald is left behind for a long time.


Main Zoo

Most of the animals are very tired and have fallen asleep. Georgina is the only animal who is able to tell a story.


Right, I am trying to get some sleep! So please, clear off! And do your munching, trampling, galloping and chewing somewhere else!
~ Reginald, getting very angry about too much noise.

Reginald likes to sleep in the tall grass. Everything is quiet until Nathalie started chewing the grass near his resting spot. He convinces her to eat grass somewhere else while trying to get some sleep. Reginald decided to get some rest. Later, he finds out Zed chewing near the grass. He convinces him to chew grass somewhere else. Reginald goes back to sleep in an upset mood.

Reginald hears the stomping noise caused by Ronald, who is trampling the grass near his resting spot. He convinces him to trample the grass somewhere else. Reginald goes back to sleep in order to avoid being grumpy. Lastly, Nelson is getting grass to build a new nest for Audrey. Nelson and Audrey are talking to each other about the grass. Reginald gets very angry with too much noise. He convinces everyone to interact with the grass somewhere else.

The animals moved far away to avoid making noises. Herbert is looking for truffles across Africa. Herbert is warned not to make noises near Reginald. Herbert did not listen to Nelson who warned him. Reginald is even angrier with Herbert making noise. Reginald began to use mud to secure his resting place. He draws a line near the grass, so no one can make noise. The brown line prevents animals from entering the tall grass.

Reginald is left alone for a very long time. Everything is quiet when Reginald goes back to sleep. The grass begins to grow when Reginald goes to sleep. Lots of crickets, beetles, and bugs entered the grass and made noises. Reginald is awakened by the noisy insects. Reginald is lost in the noisy grass. He was able to get out of the grass in a nervous mood.

Reginald began calling out for help. All the animals began to ignore for telling them to avoid him. Reginald is very miserable when the animals have ignored him. The animals feel very bad about Reginald's sadness. The animals are very sorry for making noises that bother Reginald. Reginald is very sorry for being very grumpy. The animals start to clear most of the tall grass until the grass becomes a future home for some insects.

Moral Ending

Lucy would like to sleep with the animals in the zoo. However, Lucy must sleep in her own bed instead.




  • This is also the premiere in 2000.
  • This episode is alluded to a popular song known as "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". There are a difference between the 2 allusions. In the universe, Reginald is angry at the animals to be quiet. Out of the universe, the animals are scared by a lion (not Reginald) trying to get some sleep.