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When Reginald gets a different look from Nathalie, the animals don't recognise his look. Reginald gets in danger when a boulder is released from another mountain.


Main Zoo

Lucy explain why would someone notice her. The animals thought it was her hair. Lucy's toenails have a new look. The animals are confused why Lucy has different colour on her toenails.


One morning, Reginald was walking across the savanna. He meets up with Audrey nesting her eggs. She asks Reginald about his crumpled whiskers. Reginald began talking to himself about his crumpled whiskers. He takes a look at his reflection on the water hole. This reflection surprised Reginald, in which his whiskers were a bit crumpled.

We see Ronald bashing a boulder near Reginald. He talks to Reginald about his look. Reginald gets shocked when Ronald mentions about his crumpled whiskers. Reginald tries to make his whiskers look the same in the past days. Behind him was Nathalie. She takes a look at the whiskers. She tries to make them the same from the past, but nothing happened.

Nathalie began taking pliers from a short tree. Reginald had his whiskers straightened. Nathalie began asking Reginald to have a new look. Reginald was frustrated at first. He began following Nathalie to a pile of conditioners. Reginald began using one of them. Reginald returns to the water hole for a reflection. He gets surprised by the reflection, because this look is as fluffy as a lamb.

Nathalie began asking Reginald about his mane. She began to use gel on Reginald. Sooner, Reginald looked differently after getting a new design from her. Nathalie began taking Reginald to Boulder Point, a very windy mountain. Nathalie fixed his mane while on the mountain. There was a large boulder which was held by twigs for years. Because the wind is very strong, the twigs can't keep the boulder from crushing the eggs.

Reginald thought to himself that the boulder will be crushing the eggs on the path. He roared at the other animals from a distance to warn them that a boulder is about to crush everything. The animals don't recognise Reginald with a different look. Reginald tries to keep the boulder from falling, but the twigs have been collapsed. Reginald tries to stop the boulder by himself. However, the boulder is rolling towards the savanna.

Reginald is in trouble as the boulder has been released from the mountain. The animals are confused with Reginald on the boulder. His fur, mane, and whiskers were reverted back to normal when standing on the boulder. Reginald was getting tired trying to control himself on the boulder. Ronald and the other animals began running after the big boulder that almost reached Audrey's nest. Ronald smashed the boulder into pieces and Reginald saved the eggs from hitting the ground.

Reginald thought the eggs were broken. It is revealed that the eggs are about to hatch. The eggs started hatching into baby ostriches, which are the children of Audrey. The animals began loving Reginald with his original look.

Moral Ending

Lucy is very happy with the story. Lucy loves the animals with their original looks. The animals also love Lucy, even with her original smile.





  • The theme song can be heard with jazz instruments.
  • An ostrich who looks like Doogal can be seen near the end of the story.