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As the animals try to reach the end of the rainbow, Ronald can't swim very well. They try to bring Ronald across the river.


Main Zoo

Lucy has materials for her swimming lesson tomorrow. She has a swimsuit, a swimming cap, two airbags, and a towel. Nelson gives her the airbags as practice for her swimming lesson tomorrow.


It is raining across Africa. The animals are very bored when waiting for the sunshine for weeks. Herbert began annoying Nelson and Georgina until the rain has stopped. The animals are happy to leave the jungle after the rain has ended.

The animals saw a rainbow across the sky. It is explained that a type of fruit will only grow when a rainbow appears, as explained by Georgina. The animals went out for an expedition at the end of the rainbow. They marched towards a river leading a path to the elusive fruit.

The animals can't wait for the river to dry up. They decided to swim across instead. Ronald can't swim to the other side. This is because a rhino is too heavy to swim underwater. Ronald took a look at a pile of boulders in order to cross the river.

A bridge was built in order to cross the river by using boulders. This plan didn't work. All the boulders were cracked into pieces. Herbert decided to dig a tunnel under the river for Ronald to reach to the other side. Herbert can't dig to the other side, because the water will go below the ground, which made him take a wrong direction.

The animals decide to drink the water for Ronald to cross the river. The animals started spitting for drinking too much water. This included Nelson who started spitting the water back to the river. Ronald was given gourds as his swimming belt for him to cross the river. The animals started enjoying the exclusive fruit at the end of the rainbow.

The animals had a picnic near the river. While asking for Ronald, we only see his swimming belt. Ronald was swimming in the river without airbags. He finally learned to swim without those airbags.

Moral Ending

We all learn that practise makes perfect while trying to swim. Lucy is very excited about her first swimming lesson. She removes all her swimming materials to get ready for bed.





  • Georgina's grandmother is mentioned the second time.