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When Ronald smashed all the boulders, there are none left in Africa. Ronald decides to look for something else to smash rather than listen to his assistant.


Main Zoo

Nelson began asking Lucy if she's ready for a story. Lucy picked a story that takes place in Africa. Boris doesn't know any stories that take place in Africa. Georgina began telling a story that takes place in Africa.


Many animals have their favourite hobby. Georgina loves gardening in Africa. Herbert loves eating watermelons. Nathalie loves to do ballet every day. Finally, Ronald loves to smash boulders. Ronald started bashing boulders depending on each size. However, there are no more boulders after Ronald smashed all of them.

Ronald is forced to think of something besides smashing rocks. Ronald decides to smash something instead. Ronald is forced to spend his life without smashing all day long. Ronald can think something else to smash rather than a boulder. Ronald started smashing a tree. Ronald didn't notice there are weavers in the nest. His assistant saved them from getting injured. The mother and father birds are not happy when they thought Ronald damaged their nest.

Ronald is suggested to go to Georgina's garden. He sees a sand dune from a distance. He started smashing the dune form a distance. However, water started gushing after smashing the dune. We see Isabel, Annabelle, Mirabelle, and Victor in trouble when the water started coming out of the dune.

Ronald gets warned one more time not to break one last thing. He is suggested to sing a song. Ronald said that this is a ridiculous idea. Ronald and the bird get into an argument with two different dislikes. Ronald and his friend got their friendship broken up again.

Ronald and the bird felt bad about themselves. The bird ends up in tears without his friend Ronald. He thought to himself to go on an expedition to find boulders. Esmeralda appears right next to him, listening to the same thought. He begins asking her where to find more boulders. She pointed to the volcano, where more boulders are found. It is revealed that the volcano makes more rocks now and then after eruption. The bird goes to the volcano to find the boulders. He decided to start making cracks for more lava to appear. A boulder is later spawned from the volcano while Ronald tries to find his friend.

Ronald finally found his best friend. Ronald didn't know there are more boulders that are spawned from the volcano. They whistled, smashed boulders, and became best friends again.

Moral Ending

Lucy likes this story about Ronald. The monkeys would like to tell a story about Ronald, but now is not the time for them to tell a story.

First Appearances

  • Mr. Weaverbird and Mrs. Weaverbird (no lines)





  • This episode has references to three episodes in which Ronald is the main protagonist: Ronald and the Tic Tic Bird, Ronald and Rosie, and Ronald's Swimming Lesson.