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Snowbert and Sidney have a big argument and are no longer friends. Snowbert makes a new friend made out of ice.


Main Zoo

Molly gets injured after tripping over a banana peel. Nelson reveals that some culprit could be the main cause of hurting Molly. The monkeys are arguing that either one of them is causing the problem. Lucy gets upset with the argument, thinking of a story to calm the two down. Sidney also feels the same way like the other two.


One day, Sidney and Snowbert were hanging out near the glacier. Snowbert began saying about sailing on one of the icebergs. Sidney finds it boring on one of them which his friend was saying. The two friends get into an argument, causing the friendship to break up.

Snowbert began staying on one of the icebergs on his own with Sidney no longer his friend, talking about nature and missing his friend. He began making a mysterious sculpture for Sidney to look at. He was distracted by Thelma while looking at the masterpiece.

Sidney began asking her that he and Snowbert are no longer friends. Thelma did not like the friendship broken up. That night, Snowbert took a look at the sculpture as his new friend (as a replacement of Sidney).

The next day, Snowbert got his sledge and went out riding with the sculpture. He began pushing the sledge when it came to a stop in a thicket of snow. He and the sculpture are covered by a thicket of snow for one moment later.

Snowbert began asking Thelma for help. She agrees to do so by spraying water at the thicket of snow. Thelma was curious about the sculpture, but Sidney began talking to her about having a new friend. At the end of the iceberg, the two are in real danger when exploring. That is the case when the iceberg has cracked.

Sidney is very worried about missing his old friend. Thelma began pushing two icebergs against each other, crashing and causing the two to reunite. The ice sculpture began to sink to the bottom of the sea. Snowbert cannot have a friend made out of ice. That is because the sculpture is motionless and therefore has no emotions. Sidney and Snowbert are friends once again.

Moral Ending

We learn that the importance of making up a broken friendship is to make it up again. The monkeys are friends once again, showing remorse about the banana peel.

First Appearance

  • Mr. Icy Flipper (no lines, impersonated by Snowbert)