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Snowbert used to live all alone, talking to himself until he found Sidney the Seal.


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Lucy began saying "Hello" to each animal by saying his or her name. Each animal wanted to tell a story. Today, it is Boris's turn to tell a story. Boris has one idea he remembered. He knows about an individual living far away (known as "Snowbert").


One morning, a polar bear woke up from his igloo. He played and talked to himself with the dominoes. He also lived alone until nighttime.

The next day, Snowbert went out to go eating fish at the ice hole. Coming out of the ice hole has a harp seal. He represents himself to the polar bear under the name "Sidney". He never talked to himself after best animal friend Sidney. The next morning, the ice hole was still there. Snowbert and Sidney had friendship with each other.

The next day, the ice hole disappeared. Sidney is nowhere to be found, which makes his best animal friend heartbroken. Both animal friends could not find each other. Snowbert returned home to his igloo that night.

Snowbert waited for the sun to rise during the dark cold nights. The next day, the igloo is floating on water. This made Snowbert very happy on a spring morning. Sidney is back again after many days. He brought a pod of the seals for him to play with. Snowbert had fun with Sidney and his seal friends.

Moral Ending

Lucy is very happy about Boris, even if he doesn't remember many stories.

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