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Tallulah is very upset without having a surprise for herself. The animals decide to return the favour with different surprises, but Tallulah doesn't like the same things.


Main Zoo

Lucy is surprised by Nelson and Boris with a pretty blanket. Lucy is very curious to see who is the owner of the blanket. The blanket belongs to Leopoldo. It is given by Tallulah, the queen of surprises.


One day, Jazz and Adam are having lots of fun. They meet Tallulah making a blanket for Leopoldo. Tallulah began asking Jazz and Adam that it is a surprise for Leopoldo. Leopoldo began thanking her for the surprise. Leopoldo loves surprises, which makes it more fun.

Tallulah doesn't feel happy without a surprise present. The animals began telling her that Tallulah has given a hat for Adam and some shoes for Jazz. The other animals are upset with Tallulah very sad. The animals decide to make a surprise in order to make her happy again.

Adam has found a flower, but the flower was crushed by Leopoldo. Leopoldo said that a boulder who be a great suggestion for a surprise present. Adam is getting frustrated about mixed up suggestions for Tallulah to be very happy again. The animals delivered the rock to Tallulah. The rock has hit the tree, which impressed her.

Adam is still not sure that Tallulah made a big smile for the gift which was given. Adam is very curious about the next surprise. He is very unsure if Tallulah loved mud and leaves. Tallulah gets taunted by Jazz and Leopoldo in the mud, which made her so upset.

Leopoldo began taking Tallulah for a next surprise: the catapult plants. She gets launched by one of the catapults, which was supposed to surprise her. This surprise did not make her happy. Tallulah flew very far away into a spa of flowers. This surprise made Tallulah very happy. She is very happy with the surprise. However, she ends up having tears of joy. Leopoldo likes the mud, Jazz likes the rocks, Adam likes the catapults, and Tallulah likes the flowers.

Moral Ending

Lucy began telling the animals to make a surprise for the monkeys. They used the blanket to make them be launched into the tree.





  • This is the only appearance of South America in Season 4.