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Tallulah loses her favourite flower and won't leave her nest. She admits the loss of her flower is bad luck. The other animals try to make her overcome her fears without a flower.


Main Zoo

Lucy has to close her eyes for something special. It was Leopoldo, a llama who is hiding near the bush. She is so happy with the South American llama.


Tallulah lives in a tree filled with red flowers. She started croaking every morning, then cleaned her feathers, and picked up a red flower. She decides to wear one from the tree to prevent bad luck. Thereupon, she meets up with Adam, Jazz, and Leopoldo suggesting for a game to play. She continues crafting more leaves to decorate the tree. That night, she ends up decorating the tree with the last leaf.

The next day, Tallulah almost did the same thing from yesterday. Unfortunately, a strong wind blows away all the flowers from her tree. Tallulah is very sad, saying the loss of a red flower causes bad luck. She refuses to leave her nest, so the other animals have some other flowers for good luck. Tallulah doesn't like the purple, yellow, and orange ones. She decides to have a red one instead.

Adam decides to plant red flowers for Tallulah to cheer her up. Jazz and Leopoldo very are impatient about Tallulah. Adam began convincing them to stay in the river while waiting for the flower to go. Adam realizes the flower doesn't grow. Adam allows Tallulah to come out of her home when Leopoldo and Jazz are near the surprise. Jazz decides to take a peek at the surprise. Leopoldo began prompting him that it is rude to peek.

Adam used a rope to climb the tree to reach Tallulah. Tallulah is very happy with Adam, giving him a hug. At the river, Adam asked Jazz and Leopoldo that Tallulah has finally came out. Later on, the animals take a look at the surprise. The wind blows away the leaves from the tree. Lots of windmills appear on the tree, cheering up Tallulah.

Moral Ending

Lucy has finally understood how to overcome her fears without something important. She ends up tying the wool on Leopoldo, making the animals laugh.





  • This is the Season 3 finale. Shortly after the episode, a fourth season began production.