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Toby is very tired of his old shell, so his friends Doris and Kevin try to give him a new one.


Main Zoo

Lucy is very excited about living in someone else's house. She wished she moved far away with her mum and dad.


One day, the animals are having new homes. Toby is playing noughts and crosses with Kevin. While meeting Doris, Toby's home is thought to be old and dusty and hot. He is given a shade to keep it cool.

Toby isn't aware about going into Audrey's nest. While Ronald is building a new home, one of the boulders is cracked open. Toby is given half a boulder, but can't move very well. Now, Toby gets his home painted like one of the gourds with striped.

The three are very tired after hard work. Meanwhile, Zed is late for band practice. He grabbed Toby (who was thought to be another maraca). Upon meeting Alan and Herbert, the other two can hear Toby shouting for help. Toby is finally saved by Doris and Kevin.

Toby is very happy to have his old home back after getting the paint washed away.

Moral Ending

Lucy began asking who should live in the biggest house with everything we wish for. Lucy has to go back to her own house in her own bed.

First Appearance

  • Jocasta (mentioned only)