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Victor has very filthy teeth made from plants and rubbish. The animals are trying to brush his filthy teeth.


Main Zoo

Lucy has a sticker from the dentist's office. She says the sticker can only be obtained for brushing your teeth good. The animals never have their teeth brushed, which is considered very suspicious.


One day, Doris, Kevin, and Toby are cleaning their mouths with thorny branches (used as a toothbrush). Victor comes out of the lake, saying he's never had his teeth cleaned before. He ends up scaring tadpoles and a dragonfly after leaving the trio. The trio began to play hide-and-seek without Victor.

Victor didn't notice the lily pads in his teeth. He ends up encountering Molly and Nathalie dancing by the river. He began asking them if there are any helpless creatures to scare. He ends up scaring some dragonflies with his jaws. He never noticed the tulip in his mouth after scaring the insects. Later, he noticed the dance music coming from Zed. Zed began talking to him about the dance skills.

Meanwhile, the monkeys are having fun eating bananas and coconuts. Victor began scaring some fish near the waterfall. However, lots of banana peels and coconut shells fell on his mouth. This also includes a falling tree trunk which fell on his mouth too.

Victor could not speak, because there's a lot of rubbish in his mouth. A thorny branch is too small to clean his teeth. While the monkeys are to work together, the trio began to take Victor for a walk. The monkeys did not help at all.

That night, the animals are playing a game of snap. Victor cannot say a word, due to too many rubbish in his mouth. The monkeys made a big surprise for Victor. The two began to release water, activating a toothbrush made of flowers. All the rubbish is removed from his mouth. Victor has to say "Thank you" to the animals after getting his teeth cleaned. He refuses to at first. Finally, he said "Thank you" to the animals. The animals are very happy with this attitude.

Moral Ending

We learn that you should always brush your teeth twice a day and say "Thank you" to the person who brushed your teeth. Each of the animals has a toothbrush. Lucy has no stickers for the animals. She decides to give them a kiss instead.

First Appearances

  • Dentist (mentioned only)