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Victor bans all the animals from the water hole, because he gets fed up with splashing. When the animals are very thirsty, Victor was angered with them. However, no one wanted to help him.


Main Zoo

Nelson began suggesting about Doctor Gordon who is one of the scariest animals. Molly said Gordon is very friendly. She explains about the vulture in Africa. The monkeys also began suggesting about the bats as frightening animals. It is revealed that the animals are deciding who is the most frightening creature ever known. Lucy began suggesting a crocodile that is very frightening. It is revealed Victor is a very frightening creature.


Down in the water hole, the animals have fun splashing water and telling gossips. Victor soon got very upset with all the noise by banning them. He told the animals to find water somewhere else. No one wanted to argue with Victor, since the water hole belongs to him. The animals have a hard time finding water, since the water hole is far away from their destination.

The animals felt very thirsty without water. The summer nights were very dusty and the animals are very restless. The next day, the animals found water under a rock, which made the geyser remove the water hole far away. Victor gets angered when his bathing place has turned into a dust bowl.

The next day, Victor was very upset for the water taken up. Victor tries to ask Georgina for water, but she refuses to share. Victor also asked the monkeys to share water with him, but yelled at him for being very stubborn. Audrey began making a suggestion for an apology. In practising, Victor must be very sorry for being very selfish and nasty.

After a lot of practice, the animals made a surprise for Victor: a water park. The animals had fun on the water slide. Victor began making a rumour about himself for being good. It is rumored if Victor will become even nastier after deserving a surprise.

Moral Ending

Not every creature is scary all the time. Lucy wouldn't like to take a bath with Victor. The monkeys pretend to be a 2-headed monster, which would be scarier than a crocodile.

First Appearances

  • Unnamed vulture (mentioned only)




  • In the scene where the water is in the springs, one can see a skeleton of a lizard. One can also see a spiral, fossilized shell (possibly an ammonite) in the springs.