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Joey, Jimmy and Phoebe are warned about the deduction of the water all across with the Australia. Soon, there is less water in Australia.


Main Zoo

Lucy tells Boris about something about the climate. The animals sometimes find the current weather boring.


Deep in the Australian outback lies an elderly wombat. He collects strange things with his stick. He likes to collect strange things and do strange dances for the rain to come.

Soon, he finds out Joey, Jimmy, and Phoebe bothering him and doing tricks about him. Joey, Jimmy, and Phoebe play in the lake and the three are warned for wasting water. The next day, there was barely any water to be found. This causes the animals to be thirsty.

Phoebe gets mad at the tree, thinking the tree has no water. As soon as she hits the tree with her fist, water spreads out of the tree. Jimmy also tries to find some water, but is soon accused by a snake. Janet and Joey were able to find some water. She tried to bring the water back to her pouch, but the water was all gone. This leads to a dehydration.

Joey, Jimmy, and Phoebe began entering the red rock where Wally teaches the three an ancient dance. After meeting Wally, the three are taught a lesson to bring back the rain. Joey tries to dance, but the sun ends up heating everyone. Jimmy tries to do so, but only snow is spawned, causing the environment to be cold. Phoebe also tries to bring back the rain, but a strong wind was only spawned.

Wally finds out that the 3 Australian Animals are tricked. He does the ancient dance to bring back the rain. The rain arrives back in Australia, bringing back all the water.

Moral Ending

Not many animals are interested in climate control. Lucy still likes this story.

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  • The word was "silly" is used in 2 times in Lewis McCloud version.