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Horace refuses to be washed during a special day while the other animals are getting themselves washed. The other animals try to clean him up during the day of washing.


Main Zoo

Lucy isn't interested in taking a bath before bedtime. It is explained that Lucy managed to escape before her mum was trying to give her a bath. Lucy doesn't like getting wet, can't stand the water and soap in the bathtub. Lucy explained about lots of things to do like games, stories, and other kinds of activities. However, Cassandra appeared right next to Lucy. This reminds her about the day when the animals were getting themselves cleaned in the mountains.


Far away in the mountains in Asia, today is a special day where the animals are getting cleaned. Bao Bao loved this special day; Confuse-us scrubbed his back. Horace arrived for a visit to the pond. Horace is suggested to take a bath in the pond. The hare doesn't like being wet.

Horace arrived towards Cassandra having a spa. Cassandra is getting her feet cleaned in the spa. Cassandra suggested Horace to try the spa. Horace refuses to try this. He later tries to find some carrots. However, Gertie distracted him. Gertie suggested Horace for a shower. Horace still doesn't like being wet.

The animals had a discussion why Horace doesn't want to be wet. It is explained that everyone must be washed during the special day. The animals made a plan to give the stubborn hare a bath. The animals have a carrot to distract him. Horace grabbed the carrot with his hands, but avoided the spa, shower, and pond. He crashed into the gong and the trick did not work.

The animals didn't mean to play tricks on him. Suddenly, rain started falling for a few seconds. Horace can't stand the rain that is wetting him. The animals protected him from getting wet. Horace started enjoying the rain and liked the water in this day. The animals started washing him, which made him very happy.

Moral Ending

Lucy has understood that baths are important in your everyday life. We learn that we need to be washed and clean regularly. Lucy would like to take a bath tomorrow, which made the animals happy.