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A volcano starts to erupt in the African savannah, so Zed and the other residents are forced to leave their home. But the animals try to stop the volcano from erupting.


Main Zoo

Lucy is dressed as a superhero, calling herself "Super Lucy".


Zed was running super fast across Africa. He meets Nathalie cheering for him, then asking her about another challenge. Zed begins looking for another challenge besides running. Suddenly, the ground begins to crack. The animals didn't notice there was a volcano starting to erupt.

The couple walks towards the burrow while trying to leave. Esmeralda began asking her about the volcano, but she doesn't know much about it. Zed and Nathalie began alerting the other animals that the volcano is about to erupt. Nelson says that the volcano will spread lava and create additional rocks.

Instead of leaving the savannah, the animals decide to stop the volcano. Ronald was able to use some of the boulders, almost all the boulders were crumbled into pieces. Zed was able to block the lava with the last boulder to save the savannah from erupting. The animals are very happy with Zed for stopping the volcano. The animals danced at the volcano for a celebration.

Moral Ending

Lucy is very happy with the story of being a hero. She is very happy with Nelson for giving her a happy ending.

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  • Near the end of the episode, Nelson began saying a reference to William Shakespeare ("All's Well That Ends Well"). This is the second time a reference to Shakespeare is referenced.