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Giggles and Tickles are very restless in waiting for the sun to rise. It is revealed that the monkeys must sleep in order for the sun to rise for their birthday.


Main Zoo

Lucy explained about a special night to the animals. The father of Lucy said that there will be shooting stars tonight. It is said that Lucy must stay up all night to see a shooting star.


One evening, the animals are preparing a birthday celebration for the monkeys tomorrow. The animals explained there will be lots of fun, food, and music tomorrow. The monkeys arrived during the preparation of the party. It is stated that the party will start tomorrow.

The monkeys are very impatient in waiting for the sunrise. The animals are getting ready for bed. The monkeys asked Herbert to play loud music. They also did a rap song while Herbert played loud music. Ronald and his friend went to bed. The monkeys decide to do more music, but Molly told them to keep the noise down.

The monkeys are very bored when Herbert goes to bed. The monkeys decide to make more noise again, but Georgina heard the noise. Georgina didn't wake up. The monkeys also tried to wake up Kevin, Toby, and Doris. However, they decide to go back to sleep instead. The monkeys are having a hard time trying play with another animal. They decide to push Molly who fell asleep. The monkeys ended up rolling her towards Ronald. Molly still was sleeping next to Ronald.

The monkeys are very tired as the moon is going down. The monkeys decide to fall asleep after trying to wake up all the animals. The next day, all the animals had a good night sleep from last night. The monkeys are surprised about their birthday today. They blew the candles and are given two hammocks as birthday presents. The animals began singing Audrey's lullaby to the monkeys.

Moral Ending

Lucy is invited to visit someone's party tomorrow. She finally saw some shooting stars before going to bed.





  • This is the only episode where a rap song is heard.
  • The early name for this episode was "The Story of the Monkeys Who Stayed Up All Night Long". However, this was shortened as "The Story of a Long Night in the Jungle".