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Alfie and Charlie encounter a baby bison who is separate from its mother and father. Alfie and Charlie must use clues to know where the baby calf knows its way.


Main Zoo

Lucy is using a magnifying glass to look for clues. Boris soon tells her a story of how two chipmunks became detectives on helping a baby calf.


It is spring in the North American forest. Alfie and Charlie are playing snow from the fir trees until a strange creature bumps into a tree. The baby creature represents her name as "Barbara". Barbara is separate from her mother and father, having amnesia. Soon, Alfie and Charlie started helping her find her way back to her mother and father.

The first clue is the bubbling waters. However, the river was not the correct clue on the other side. The second clue was the yellow flowers. As Barbara soon plays in the meadow, bees begin chasing her away. The last clue is the yellow grass. Barbara doesn't notice Boris is sleeping in his home of yellow grass. He asks them to go the other way, because this path leads to Boris's home.

The next day, Alfie, Charlie, and Barbara are up on the hilltop. The three finally found the right path to reunite Barbara: bubbling waters, yellow flowers, yellow grass, and a herd of bison. The two return Barbara to her parents; Alfie and Charlie have been notable for bringing Barbara back to her parents.

Moral Ending

Georgina thought Nelson has disappeared. Lucy didn't notice Nelson was hiding near the tree. She began using her magnifying glass on an elephant's trunk and feet. He must be Nelson, who wasn't really missing.