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Joey and his friends go surfing at the billabong lake with the help of a cockatoo named Carrie. However, there is a lack of waves in the lake and Wally must save the day to bring back the water.


Main Zoo

Lucy gets introduced to a cockatoo named Carrie. She teaches everyone how to speak with Australian phrases.


One day, Joey and his friends became bored in throwing stones at the lake. The three see Carrie flying around, tired from her holiday from the sea. She talks about surfing at the seaside. The three are warned by Carrie in which no one can surf without waves. Jimmy gets warned by Carrie on an attempt to use a rock as a surfboard. Phoebe also thought Mr. Platypus is a surfboard, but Joey finally found a leaf by a pink flower.

The three began to practise surfing on rocks. After practise, the three are met by Wally to be introduced about the big wave. He explains that the big wave is taller than the tree and is found on the billabong. It is explained that it takes many years for the waves to come.

While waiting patiently, the three are bored for the waves to arrive. Wally finally arrived, summoning the waves for the time to come. By doing the dance, a big wind is summoned across Australia. Suddenly, the big waves occur on the lake. Joey is able to go surfing as the waves appeared on the lake. It is revealed that the waves don't last forever. Carrie, Jimmy, and Phoebe began to join in with Joey on surfing across the lake. The four began to surf until sunset.

Moral Ending

Lucy likes the story told by Carrie. She wishes she could go surfing on the Australian beach. It is too late to go surfing on the beach, because it is bedtime.

First Appearances

  • Carrie the Cockatoo





  • This is the first appearance of Australia in Adobe Flash.
  • This also marks the first appearance of Carrie, a new animal.
  • This is the second appearance of the triplets of Janice. They made a brief appearance in try to teach Jimmy how to jump.