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Janet won't let Joey play his favourite game for a while after falling out with Julie. Carrie is very intelligent with Joey to prove Janet and Julie for being wrong.


Main Zoo

Lucy brings her ball to the animals. They think the ball is a football, basketball, soccer ball, or golf ball. The animals began using it to think what type of ball it is. Lucy explained that any sport can be played with just one ball. Wally appears next to Lucy. He tells her a story which no one has ever heard of.


Joey and his friends are playing a mixture between a ball and a boomerang. Janet and Julie began arguing about their sons playing the game in a combination between two objects. Joey began asking his mum if he could play the game tomorrow. She said that there will be no more games for a while.

There were no games for a while. Joey began asking Carrie the combination which Janet won't let him play. Joey has wished if he could play the combination again. He began asking Carrie about Jimmy not playing the game for weeks. Carrie arrived at Jimmy, delivering a special message from Joey. Jimmy decided to write a note to his mum about playing the combination.

It was getting hot and windy, which ruined some of the flowers. Carrie arrived towards Janet, delivering a note to her. Janet gets angered with Joey that it is he who delivered the crooked flower and notes. It was Carrie, who delivered them instead. Joey decided to paint a picture for Julie. Carrie began delivering the gifts to Julie. However, the rain has ruined the painting. Julie also accused Jimmy that it is he who made the mess. It was Carrie who delivered them.

Jimmy decided to plant leaves for snack. Julie started picking the leaves for Jimmy. Julie thought it was Joey's mother saying about the leaves. It was Carrie pretending to be the mother of Joey. Carrie continued pretending to be Jimmy's mother towards Janet. That night, Janet began thinking of Joey after listening to Carrie pretending to be Jimmy's mother.

Joey woke up very early the next day. He say his mother is packing a picnic for the ball game. Joey and Jimmy were the best players in the ball game. Jimmy used a boomerang (used as a baseball bat) to hit the ball and the mothers are friends again.

Moral Ending

Lucy began telling the animals to tell her friends at school to play the game that was from the story. It is now time for bed.