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Bao Bao and Horace have a cooking contest to see who is the greatest chef in Asia. Gertie and Cassandra must compare whose food tastes better than both chefs.


Main Zoo

Lucy has a bag of muffins for the animals. It is stated she and her mum had baked muffins. All the animals began eating muffins, including Cassandra.


It was a lovely morning in Asia near the mountains. We see Gertie chewing grass. Cassandra (who is the narrator of the story) began prompting her about eating in a funny way. Gertie didn't have good nature in eating properly. Bao Bao and Horace began hearing about the thought. It is stated that two of them are great chefs in Asia. The two get into a fight to see who is the greatest chef of Asia.

Cassandra has been convincing Gertie about the cooking contest. The suggestion is to try out one chef's food and then compare it to the other one's food. Then, we heard that one must decide to see who is the best chef. The challenge is later accepted to see who is the greatest chef of Asia. We later see Bao Bao who gathered enough bamboo for his meal. Suddenly, he thought to himself if his guest disliked bamboo. He later started seeking for advice from Confuse-us.

Bao Bao didn't really understand the advice about sharing food. Horace later arrived at the lake. He began suggesting the wise old carp to see what is the best way to cook carrots. It is revealed that a good meal is supposed to be cooked in the heavens, not the kitchen. He later had no idea what the carp was saying. Bao Bao is too nervous about the contest. He felt very sleepy while meditating.

Horace had problems in chopping different carrots. He decided to find the correct size. Finally, Gertie and Cassandra have arrived for the contest. They are given a slice of carrot depending which tastes better. Bao Bao later gave two pieces of bamboo to them. Cassandra and Gertie got very upset with the chefs for not being busy. They are very tired about hugging and music. Bao Bao and Horace finally got the bowls of ingredients. The two chefs bumped into each other, causing the food to fall into the two bowls at once.

It is revealed that Cassandra and Gertie liked the combination of bamboo and carrots. The winners are Bao Bao and Horace. That night, the animals have finally shared the food and the advice was very helpful earlier.

Moral Ending

Lucy wished everyone could make carrots and bamboo for everyone. It is too late for cooking.