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Doris gets annoyed by a dawn chorus, because the animals are doing special greetings. She decides to make her own dawn chorus by telling the animals to quack like a duck. However, things become a problem when the other animals refuse to quack like the ducks in the chorus.


Main Zoo

Lucy tries to figure out a story told by the many animals, but the story isn't easy. The only story found out was the story of the Dawn Chorus.


One morning, Doris woke up very early. She hears everyone making noises at dawn. These animals include: Zed tap-dancing, Nelson trumpeting, Georgina singing, Herbert playing stones, William humming, the noisy crickets, beetles, and bugs, Esmeralda slithering, Isabel and her flamingo friends singing, and Kevin and Toby making funny faces.

She tries to make her own chorus by using her own sound ("quack"). This makes the animals want to hear a new chorus. With the suggestion accepted, this makes Doris want to make everyone do her sound. The animals have a hard time quacking like a duck. This has been a problem the next day, as the animals can't make sounds like ducks do.

This made Doris feel very sad, causing a deep sulk in the volcano. The animals hear the sadness, which makes them want them to do a different chorus. The animals agreed to do that before it is Doris's turn. The next day, the animals slept for one night at the volcano. All the animals did a perfect dawn chorus at the volcano.

Moral Ending

We learn that you can't force everyone to do your own sound. Lucy liked this story, which made Molly very happy.




  • The insects that disturbed Reginald from Episode 27 are shown briefly, despite their retreat after the tall grass is cleared.
    • Maybe, it was Reginald who suggested the animals to give a perfect home for insects. The next day, the grass grew longer.
  • This is the Episode 28 (who was on January 17, 2000 in the US).

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