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Once a year, the flamingos prepare for the dance festival at Waterlily Lake. Pauline is chosen to dance like a flamingo to be a queen, but couldn't do the skills very well.


Main Zoo

Lucy shows her new dance moves from dance class and can't do her special move by herself. The monkeys are dancing wrong when trying to help her. Molly tells Lucy a story about the flamingos preparing for a festival.


Down at the lake, lots of pink flamingos are preparing for this year's festival. Pauline meets up with Molly in the jungle about this year's queen. Upon meeting Isabel, she tries to teach Pauline to dance like her friends Annabelle and Mirabelle. Molly finds out she was pretending to do so. As Isabel trips over a pebble, her wing his hurt. The flamingo is unable to fly properly after an injury. She is given a body cast for her hurt wing and the festival is almost cancelled.

Pauline is chosen to be this year's queen. Isabel is teaching her to dance like a pink flamingo. That afternoon, the flamingos begin to fly around the lake. Pauline is a replacement during the performance. The animals were very impressed for being this year's queen. After the festival, the animals cheer for the new queen of the year.

Moral Ending

Lucy is very happy with the story. She tells the monkeys not to goof around while dancing before going back to sleep. Lucy and the monkeys danced perfectly, which impressed the animals.