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Joey and his friends have fun playing around their favourite place. As a storm arrives in the outback, the tree gets struck by lightning.


Main Zoo

Lucy talks about her favourite place to be in. While the animals talk about it, Carrie has arrived when hearing about favourite places.


Joey and his friends love playing around their favourite place: a large tree. Suddenly, a storm cloud is seen from a distance. Joey, Jimmy, and Phoebe get warned by Wally about a storm coming across Australia. It is said that the tree was struck by lightning multiple times.

As the storm arrives in Australia, the tree is badly struck by lightning. The next day, the big tree is badly burned from the fire last night. Joey and his friends try singing to the tree, but nothing happened. The three ask Wally to revive it by bringing the rain across the tree. That night, lots of tree were grown; Joey and his friends play hide-and-seek near the trees.

Moral Ending

Carrie hopes Lucy found a favourite place. Lucy's favourite place is the zoo with all the animals.


Repeating Scenes

  • The scene where the tree is on fire is shown twice.




  • This episode is very similar to the Wild Kratts episode, "Bat in the Brownies".