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Reginald has no partner for the dance competition, so he tries to find a unique partner. He found Nathalie as his partner for the dance competition.


Main Zoo

Lucy is unsure which animal should she pick in order to sit with them. Lucy is very lucky with lots of invitations with animals.


A ball dance is being held into the jungle. To participate, each animal must have a partner in order to do so. Nelson began asking Georgina to be her dancer for the ball. Georgina agrees to let him be his partner. Reginald is very jealous that the two have already become partners.

Reginald is never excited for the ball. He began asking Toby about the dancing competition. He has no partner who asked Reginald to go with him. Toby refuses to be his partner for the dance. Instead, he will be one of the judges for the competition.

Reginald began looking for someone else to be his partner. He finds Nathalie on his way. She began convincing Reginald that everyone wants to be her partner. She began mentioning about Zed, who is also a good dancer. Zed has arrived after hearing the words. He doesn't want to ask something about being partners.

Reginald finds Doris picking flowers in the jungle. He began asking Doris about the ball, but his tone began angering her. Reginald is very frustrated about finding a new partner. Meanwhile, Zed and Nathalie are dancing in the savanna. Zed has never put his leg down while dancing. He began asking Nathalie for another partner.

Nathalie found Nelson in the jungle. She asks him to be his dancing partner. Nelson already has Georgina as his partner. Nathalie also found Kevin, but behind him is Doris. All the animals already have a dance partner. This made Nathalie very sad.

Reginald and Nathalie didn't find partners after all. The ball is being held by Toby, Isabel, and Zed. The first partners were Georgina and Nelson. Toby, Isabel, and Zed each held a leaf with the number seven to the dancers. The next dancers are Ronald and his bird friend. Toby gave an eight, Isabel gave a seven, and Zed gave a nine.

The next dancers are Kevin and Doris. Reginald and Nathalie soon found each other while the Toby and Kevin are dancing. Toby gave an eight, Isabel gave a seven, and Zed gave a five. During an intermission, Toby began asking Reginald about the dance. He said that everyone kept saying "No" to him.

Reginald began asking Nathalie to be his partner. She agrees to dance with him. Reginald and Nathalie finally became partners. They danced during the ball and the judges each gave a ten for Nathalie and Reginald as partners. Reginald and Nathalie have won the ball.

Moral Ending

Lucy is very impressed with this story. She began asking for someone to bring her to bed. Nelson and Georgina worked together and brought Lucy back to bed.





  • Music from South America can be heard during the ball. The music is heard briefly with Georgina and Nelson as partners.
  • Some bars from the theme song can also be heard during the ball. The music is heard briefly with Doris and Kevin as partners.