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The animals try to slide down a hill on Christmas Day, but there is no snow on the month of December. Everyone is also preparing for the event and didn't notice the lack of snow. Barbara was able to bring the snow to the forest on Christmas Day.


Main Zoo

Lucy can't carry a big box in her bedroom, so Georgina was able to help her. Inside the box has decorations for the Christmas tree. Lucy explained she and her parents work together in decorating the tree. Boris is interested in Christmas stories too.


It was Christmas Eve in the North American forest. The animals are busy in trying to slide down a snowy hill, but there is no snow in Christmas Eve. While waiting for the snow to arrive, the animals are distracted by Barbara. Barbara tries to let the animals get attention, but the animals are busy waiting for the snow.

Randolph told the animals to be ready for sliding down the hills. The problem is there is no snow on the hills, as explained by Melanie. The animals began to sleep while waiting for the snow. That night, the animals don't see any snow. Boris told Randolph about the snow not appearing at night. Randolph found Barbara again and found the grey stuff at night. Soon as Randolph and Barbara waited, there is still no snow.

Randolph and Barbara saw the frosty clouds in the sky. Randolph and Barbara pretended to be cold in order to summon the snow, but this suggestion did not work. Randolph and Barbara tried many attempts for the clouds to bring snow, but none of them have worked. Randolph told Barbara that the animals won't enjoy the snow this year. Also, Alfie and Charlie have plan to summon the snow. Alfie, Charlie, and Beverley threw the pine cones at the clouds. However, the clouds began to produce rain instead.

Barbara began suggesting the animals to tickle the clouds. The animals did their last attempt for the clouds to bring snow. As Barbara started tickling the clouds, the clouds started producing snow. As the snow is finally produced, the animals are ready to slide down the snowy hills. The animals had fun in sliding down the snowy hills. Barbara and the other animals began sliding down the hills. That Christmas, the animals started enjoying the snow over and over again.

Moral Ending

Lucy liked this story. Lucy has shown the animals Christmas decoration made by her. The animals are impressed by this decoration.





  • This is the second Christmas episode in the series.