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Jazz, Leopoldo and Taco try to scare Adam while trying to find Annie in the forest. However, all their tricks backfire on them when Adam is never scared.


Main Zoo

Lucy has a flashlight to see if there are monsters under her bed. However, the animals say that there are no monsters under her bed. This reminds Nelson of a story that takes place in South America.


Jazz thought he is a very brave jaguar. He sees a toucan on a cactus talking about someone behind him. Leopoldo began tricking him with his hoof. The three have fun playing tricks with each other about the giant monster in the forest. The 3 meet Adam, thinking he's a monster in the forest. Jazz pretended to be a monster to him. Adam is set off to find Annie in the forest. He is warned that monsters might capture him in the forest. Adam, however, is not scared of anything in the forest. The animals try to scare Adam in the dark jungle while trying to find Annie.

In the deep dark forest, the animals make a plan to scare Adam. Jazz told Leopoldo and Taco to do the plan in the forest immediately. Taco began dropping some nuts on Adam to scare him. Adam was not scared of the trap. Taco gets angered when the trap didn't scare Adam.

Leopoldo created a trail of monstrous footprints in order to scare Adam. However, Adam looks at the big footprints to see who created those. This trap didn't scare Adam either. Leopoldo began falling on his back after Adam talked to him about those big stilts.

Meanwhile, Leopoldo talked to Jazz and Taco about Adam who faced his fears in the forest. Later on, Jazz, Leopoldo, and Taco set up a trap to scare Adam. The trap consists of a boulder, a fake monster, a pile of leaves on mud, and a tree of falling fruit. The trap went soon before Adam could appear. The boulder started rolling down the hill, chasing the animals. Jazz crashed into the cactus, Leopoldo gets knocked into the mud, and Taco crashed into the tree.

Did someone mention my name?
~ Annie, hearing Jazz talking about scaring Adam with Annie.

Jazz, Leopoldo, and Taco were injured after avoiding the boulder. The animals were never scared of the trap after listening to Adam. Adam decides to meet his friend Annie in the forest. He asks the other animals to stay here while he finds Annie. The animals decide to scare Annie instead of Adam. Suddenly, a voice is heard behind the animals after mentioning her name. Behind them was an anaconda, which is the monster in the forest. They are later scared by the anaconda, fleeing the forest in terror. Adam and Annie were the best animal friends in the forest.

Moral Ending

Lucy has learned that things that are first encountered can never be frightening while meeting them the next time. Lucy decides to go back to bed, because she thinks there may be a monster under her bed.

First Appearances

  • The Monster Cactus (fake monster only)




  • Once the fake monster falls on the ground, the lemons disappear.


  • Taco replaces Dudley in this episode. This is because the sloth almost sounds like Toby.
  • The scene where Jazz, Leopoldo and Taco gets scared by Annie. Annie scared Jazz, Leopoldo and Taco, because she's the monster in the forest.