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Wally has a special stone for the animals to go together. The stones actually caused many animals to argue rather than making them go together.


Main Zoo

Carrie is carrying charms of good luck from Australia. Lucy is given one of the charms. All the other animals are given a charm of good luck. Some of the charms caused the monkeys to argue.


One afternoon, Joey is playing hide-and-seek with Jimmy and Phoebe. She sees Wally far from Joey. Wally is painting a stone. Phoebe is very curious about the stone. She begins asking Wally if she can have it. He agrees with Phoebe that she can have it. Phoebe is very happy with the gift.

Joey has been looking for Phoebe for a few minutes. Joey and Jimmy begin seeing Phoebe holding the stone in her paws. Suddenly, Joey and Jimmy began scaring Phoebe. Phoebe gets angered when Joey and Jimmy have scared her. Joey and Jimmy cannot get the stone, so the two decide to get their own stones from Wally.

Joey and Jimmy are each given a stone by Wally. He began alerting them to take good care of the stones. The triplets have arrived too. When Joey and Jimmy arrived at the hills, the stones are causing them to be tired. They decide to have berries for a snack.

Phoebe is very lonely, willing for Joey and Jimmy to come back. When Jimmy takes the stone with white paint, Joey gets angered that the one with red paint is his. Joey and Jimmy get into an argument about the other stone, thinking which is which. They decided to take separate paths to Phoebe on their own.

Phoebe began asking Joey and Jimmy to stay with them. They refuse to stay with Phoebe. The triplets also argued which stone is bigger or smaller. Wally has arrived with Phoebe, talking about how to use these masterpieces. Phoebe began asking Jimmy to hold her stone. It is revealed that the stones are actually puzzle pieces.

The animals began working together getting more pieces for the puzzle. The picture has finally finished. Wally began taking everyone up to the great red rock. The picture is actually a portrait of the friends of Wally. The animals are very happy with the masterpiece.

Moral Ending

Lucy is very happy with the story. The monkeys love the story too. They decide to change charms tomorrow.





  • When the triplets argue about their stones, one of their legs turn grey before leaving.
  • When Lucy goes back to bed, her charm disappears.