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Do you have to bash every boulder in sight?!
~ The Tic Tic Bird, annoyed by Ronald having his habit of smashing boulders.

The Tic Tic Bird

The Tic Tic Bird (also known as Tic Tic) is a bird with the behavior of an oxpecker. He is the best animal friend of Ronald. He is also voiced by Lewis McCloud (speaking) and Dan Russell (singing).

Physical Appearance

He is a small bird that looks like a stork, but has purple skin. He has an orange beak. He is actually a tickbird (or oxpecker).


He has an interest in eating insects off the back of the big animals, hence the name. He learns that the small animals are supposed to help with the bigger ones.


Season 1

Season 2




  • Despite being angry and sad, no one sees him frowning when doing so. He is always seen smiling whether being angry and sad.
  • Sometimes in the American episode guide, "Tic Tic" is spelled as "Tick Tick". This is to avoid confusion with the traditional game, Tic-Tac-Toe, the American English phrase for Noughts and Crosses.
  • He is based on a red-billed oxpecker (Buphagus erythrorhynchus).