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Mrs. Thelma Whale, can we borrow your ball please?
~ Puffins asking Thelma to borrow their ball.

The puffins from left to right: Thomas, Sharon, Lewis and Jamie

Thomas, Sharon, Lewis and Jamie the Puffins are the 4 puffins who play football. They live in Mossy Bay Island. Thomas is the leader, Sharon is the bravest, Lewis is the youngest and Jamie is the littlest of them all. They are also voiced by Keith Wickham, Adrienne Posta, Lewis McCloud and Anna Bentinck.

Physical Appearance

Thomas, Sharon, Lewis and Jamie have different sizes. Each of their beaks have a pattern of purple, yellow and red coloring. They resemble penguins, but do not have tails.


All the 4 are capable in playing football and conflicting Mister Mustache. They are actually very playful when coached by their referee Gunnar.

Thomas's personality in character is when in charge of the other 3. Sharon is the bravest who is not afraid of anyone grumpy. Lewis is very helpful towards Sharon and Thomas who tries to let Jamie get his attention. Jamie is the littlest and sometimes has a habit of sucking his feather.


Season 2





  • They are based on the Atlantic puffins.
  • Their main enemies are Jack Big Claw and his crabs. The reason is that Jack is the leader of the territorial crabs and eventually the unbeatable champion.
  • Sharon is the only female in the group. The other 3 puffins. (Thomas, Jamie, and Lewis) are the male.
  • Like the Puffin from "The Swan Princess", They speak with an Regular Irish accents.
  • They look like the Adelie penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae). But they are the puffins. One can tell that Jamie is flying, because he's a puffin and the penguins don't fly.
  • They are similar to the Vultures from "Disney's The Jungle Book". Both of them are the birds and what to do something fun.