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I'm a crocodile you nitwits! I'm supposed to be mean and nasty!
~ Victor explaining to the animals why he is mean and nasty.


Victor the Crocodile is a green crocodile whose attitude is mean and nasty. He is notable for being a bully towards helpless animals. He can sometimes be grumpy. He is also voiced by Keith Wickham.


Victor's personality is rude, spiteful and troublesome. He is known for frightening with the other animals and is very notorious for splashing and biting them. Victor is eventually warned by the other animals.

Sometimes, he is very stubborn and refuses to follow advice from the other animals. Victor sometimes does evil laughs to see if someone is approaching but fails.

Physical Appearance

He is a large green crocodile with white teeth and light green spikes on his back.


Season 1

Season 2




  • Despite being a villain, Victor is also known for rescuing animals in danger (which makes him a hero). This happens in Episode 25.
  • Victor is the only character whose name starts with the letter "V".
  • Victor is either based on a slender-snouted crocodile or Nile crocodile.
  • Victor is the first animal who arrives in the zoo besides the other main characters.
  • Victor has 100 white teeth (according to the book written by Vrombaut).
  • His first appearance was in Episode 2, despite being shown in the opening song. Victor is seen biting Toby on his tail. Victor is soon later bitten by Kevin after biting Toby.

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