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Good morning, I'm William the Weaver Bird. Welcome to the savannah breakfast news. First, the weather: the sun will be hot, the desert will be dry, the water will be wet and the grass will be green. Here is a newsflash just then. Let us report to that because the leaves are falling early this year, Cleopatra will be visiting the water hole today. Ahem! Well, that's all for now! This is me William the Weaver Bird on the savannah breakfast news!
~ William, giving a news report to the animals of the savannah about Cleopatra arriving in the savannah.


William the Weaver Bird is a weaver bird and is the majordomo of Africa. He is the bird friend of almost all the African animals. He is also voiced by Lewis McCloud (speaking) and Dan Russell (humming and scatting).

Physical Appearance

William has orange wings and tail, and his body is yellow. He has purple eyes and a red beak.


William is a kind weaver, better to be known for being wise and helpful to the animals. He usually hums by "La-ba-dee" when working. He is also known for reporting news about the weathers and events, whether the weather will be good or bad.


Season 1

Season 2




  • William is either based on an orange bishop or a red bishop. In the other words, he might be based on a white-beaked buffalo weaver.
  • William loves his name in Seasons 1 and 2.
  • He shares very similar traits with Zazu. Both, he and Zazu are depicted as the birds who give out the news. There are 2 differences between 2. William is a weaver bird. Zazu is a hornbill.
  • His first appearance is actually Episode 13, despite being shown in the opening song. He is seen dancing along with Pauline, Audrey, Ronald and Herbert after Kevin bit Victor's tail.