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A zebra's gotta do what a zebra's gotta do!
~ Zed, to Reginald who is sleeping.


Zed the Zebra is a zebra who lives in the African savanna. He is known for running super fast and can sometimes appear near with the other animals in the groups. He is also voiced by Lewis McCloud.

Physical Appearance

Zed has purple black stripes and a pointy hair.


Zed is very curious at seeing other things. He also has the ability to run fast. Zed is also helpful in meeting with the other animals.

Although Zed is very kind and helpful, Zed can sometimes be rude. In Episode 41, Zed yelled at the dromedary camel named "Gary" who thinks Zed is vain. Zed is not always mean, though. Zed is also sometimes an anti-hero in apologising to innocent with the animals.


Season 1

Season 2





  • Zed is the only character whose name starts with the letter "Z". This includes in the Brazilian Portuguese name.
  • Zed does not have a visible mouth in the online game found in the Millimages website. In addition, his mane covers half of his eyes, which makes him like he is grumpy.
  • Zed is based on a plains zebra.
  • His first appearance was actually Episode 6, despite being shown in the opening song. He is seen dashing across the savannah after an image of Harry during the 6th verse.
  • Zed has a best girl antelope friend was Nathalie.
  • Zed likes to use his gourds (used as maracas) for the music.
  • There is an error when Zed sings during the dawn chorus. He makes tapping noises when making a sound. The sound of a zebra in real life is a bray.